Letter: Joel Burton, Fairfax

Editor: According to her campaign ads and campaign website, Buta Biberaj is in favor of “diversion” policies. These are policies which are aimed at ending the “school-to-prison pipeline” by diverting violent and/ or lawless students away from the criminal justice system.

Unfortunately, as was seen in the Parkland massacre, these policies also ensured that problematic young adults maintained clean criminal records and subsequently passed FBI firearms background checks. In other words, policies like those advocated by Biberaj subverted the background check system and allowed violent offenders like Nikolaus Cruz to purchase firearms.

It’s really surprising that after the well-publicized Parkland massacre, Biberaj would continue to favor such policies. So, Loudoun voters really ought to consider if she should be elevated to commonwealth attorney.

If I lived in Loudoun, I would be casting a vote for Biberaj’s opponent in order to help keep Loudoun safer and make sure that the lessons of Parkland were learned in Virginia.

Joel Burton, Fairfax

One thought on “Letter: Joel Burton, Fairfax

  • 2019-11-04 at 5:42 pm

    I’m glad that you live in Fairfax and cannot vote in Loudoun County. Your comments about connecting diversion programs and gun ownership through background checks are misleading and false. You try to draw lines between polices and outcomes that are not even on the same page but you already know that. I am glad that you are in favor of reasonable gun legislation that will help to prohibit guns in the hands of the wrong people but let’s try not to use fear and misleading information just to support your candidate of choice. I for one will vote for Ms. Biberaj.

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