Mosby Association, Bondi Family Launch Easement Initiative

The Mosby Heritage Area Association and the Bondi family of Old Welbourne have established a partnership place important battlefield property in permanent easement. 

“The Bondi Family Land Conservation and Battlefield Preservation Fund” will be available to landowners within the Unison Battlefield Study Area who are considering protecting their land with a permanent conservation easement. The fund is designated to assist landowners withtransaction costs, including stewardship, legal, and surveyor fees.The Bondi family has pledged to replenish the fund annually in perpetuity.

TheMosby Heritage Area Association has been intensifying preservation efforts by advocating for conservation easements across the Heritage Area, but especially within the Civil War battlefields. In 2014, MHAA was awarded an American Battlefield Preservation Plan grant to draw up a plan to protect the “Prelude to Gettysburg” cavalry battlefields of June 1863 that raged along the Ashby’s Gap Turnpike, today’s Rt. 50. Since that time, MHAA has assisted in placing part of the Battle of Upperville, “Vineyard Hill,” under easement with the Land Trust of Virginia.

This year MHAA facilitated the protection of over 200 acres in the Unison Battlefield, which included contributions to each landowner to help offset their costs. That project highlighted the value of such assistance, prompting the Bondi family’s offer of financial support.

This easement effort is spearheaded by Ashton Cole, who is also the director of conservation and stewardship with the Land Trust of Virginia, and MHAA Chairman C. Dulany Morison.

“We believe this fund will prove to be a convincing resource in our discussions with landowners considering conservation easements and we are very grateful to the Bondi family,” Morison said.

The easement initiative focuses on Civil War battlefield property, but MHAA remains committed to preserving the entire landscape of the Heritage Area to protect viewsheds and historical resources.

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