Editor: Tom Marshall, Leesburg

Editor: As the current School Board member representing the Leesburg District, I am happy to see Beth Barts succeed me on the Board after two non-consecutive terms representing the Leesburg District.  

I am very grateful for the voters in 2019, who voted for Beth, as I was in 2015 and 2007 for electing me to the Board that first year and returning me to the Board after a four-year hiatus for my second term that now ends this Dec. 31.

I am so very appreciative of the experience afforded me by the voters of Leesburg.I hope I did a credible job for my varied constituency and on behalf of the students in our schools. The people I met, parents, students, teachers, principals, staff and colleagues have enriched my life.

My only regret to date is that the gentleman with whom I serve, Eric Hornberger, representing the Ashburn District, lost his bid for re-election as an independent.In saying this, I do not mean to imply that the election of Mr. Mahedavi was a mistake on the part of the Ashburn District voters, only that, inadvertently, it also was a big loss to the Loudoun County Public Schools, good government and proven dedication to the education of all our students.

Eric Hornberger did his homework and was thoroughly immersed in the byzantine nature of a large school system.Most importantly, he was a friend and mentor of everyone on the board.His absence will be sorely felt on the new School Board.Fortunately, Jeff Morse and Brenda Sheridan remain for the transition.

Tom Marshall, Leesburg

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