Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor:The ink on the ballots wasn’t even dry before Phyllis Randall initiated her scheme to disenfranchise voter authority over our control of law enforcement.

Adding to her hostility of Due Process rights for individuals, Randall believes the people of Loudoun are too stupid to select our law enforcement boss.

This is a power grab. It has nothing to do with her false concern for deputies. It’s about stealing your voice in order to further her extreme agenda of establishing a “sanctuary” county policy for Loudoun, and likely future property confiscation efforts from law-abiding citizens.

In Loudoun, the sheriff answers directly, and only, to the people — not politicians. A “police chief” does not answer to the people. Instead, they are hostage to the political whims of a handful of supercharged partisan anti-police activists, bureaucrats, and politicians.

Highlighting just how contemptuous Randall and her cohorts are of citizen oversight of law enforcement, Algonkian supervisor-elect Juli Briskman, aka “finger lady,” stated in a radio interview “The downside is the sheriff is only answerable every four years to the voters. So, there’s lack of accountability there.”

This is Briskmans’ finger to you, the voters. She’s apparently incapable of understanding that she herself is “only answerable every four years to the voters.”

The power of law enforcement is the most serious power the people grant government. We the people of Loudoun are fortunate to hold that power in our hands exclusively.

Randall hates the people of Loudoun’s right to control our form of law enforcement. She’s pushing to strip us of our authority and our vote in order to consolidate all power under some sort of supremacist Board of Supervisors.

Resist Randall and her assault to steal your choice and your vote. Law enforcement belongs to the people.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg 

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