Letter: Natalie Pien, Leesburg,

Editor: Last Tuesday’s elections that flipped both the Virginia General Assembly GA as well as the Loudoun Board of Supervisors from red to blue sent a message that business as usual will not be the future.  

Multiple news analyses of the elections, indicated that Democrats used the Green New Deal Virginia to turn red to blue.Northern Virginia Delegate-elect Josh Cole flipped the 28thHouse District by running on policies like the Green New Deal Virginia.He stated that doing so was smart politics.In the Loudoun Board of Supervisors race, several candidates included the environment in his/her platform.Notably in the Algonkian District, Julie Briskman unseated Climate Change denier Suzanne Volpe.

The Green New Deal Virginia is an intersectional plan created by over 60 labor, social and environmental justice organizations from across the commonwealth.Ittransforms Virginia’s economy and averts climate catastrophe, while lifting up working- and middle-class Virginians. The Green New Deal Virginia is a call to action for our commonwealth to make the impossible possible, just like our parents and grandparents did: when they fought and won World War II; built the transcontinental railroad and the Appalachian Trail; and sent astronauts to the moon.Everyone is called upon to mobilize in every sector of society to meet the historic challenges of climate change, environmental protection, economic inequality and racial injustice.

The Green New Deal Virginia has five main themes:

1. A just and equitable 100% renewables plan that leaves no workers or communities behind.

2. Clean air, water and land for all Virginians.

3. Large investments and job-training in renewables, building a smart grid, residential and commercial energy efficiency.

4. Investment in local-scale agriculture in communities across Virginia.

5. Prioritize equitable, affordable and clean transportation systems.

As Lee Ann Williams, co-Director GNDVA stated in her Oct. 28 Letter to the Editor of theRichmond Times Dispatch,“What’s not to love? You can learn more on our website:GreenNewDealVA.com.”

Natalie Pien, Leesburg,

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  • 2019-11-25 at 4:32 am

    Green New Deal is Puffery used by democrats to get low information voters to the polls. All this has to be paid for and you offer no money streams in fact all 5 points drain from needed infrastructure now.

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