Letter: Ashley Acorda, Harrisonburg

Editor: I am writing in response to the article titled “Job for a Day: Going Hands-On in the Hospital.” This seems to be a unique opportunity for high school students to gain knowledge outside of a classroom setting.  

In an educational world that structures curricula around standardized tests, it is important to note that experiences such as the Job for a Day program at Inova Loudoun Hospital are highly beneficial for learning.Engaging experiences tailored to an individual’s interests tend to have a positive impact on students.

Although these opportunities exist, they are frequently not broadly advertised within schools.Too often, the most recognition that programs like these receive is a colored sheet of paper taped on a bulletin board in a secluded hallway that many students will never walk by.My hope is that this article will spread awareness of just how important these programs can be, and that more institutions will begin to offer educational opportunities to students.

Ashley Acorda, Harrisonburg

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