Letter: Chip Planck, Wheatland Vegetable Farms

Editor: Regarding the Nov. 21, article on “Agritourism Abundance,” the wineries, B&B’s, and recreational farms drawing the customers comprise little of the farmland and open space providing their attractive surroundings.  They swim in the setting maintained by others. 

People will not flock to sip wine and beer on verandahs overlooking subdivisions served by noisy traffic. 

Radical downzoning being unacceptable, there must be changes in other land-use regulations to preserve the essential vistas: Cluster rules re-designed to retain large, farmable parcels in the required percentage of open space.Funding for purchase of development rights.Mandated transfer of building rights from rural to urban areas for approvals of increased density.

Preserve big blocks of open space and rural business will thrive.Let it get chopped up and disappear, and the business opportunities will disappear, too.

Chip Planck,Wheatland Vegetable Farms