Coalition SWAT Team Awarded for Planning Efforts

Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains presented its annual Friend of the Mountain Award to the SWAT Team of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition during the annual meeting on Nov. 24 at Bluemont Vineyard. 

The award reflected efforts beginning in early in 2018, during the Loudoun County 2040 Comprehensive Plan Stakeholder’s Review process toreview each chapter of the plan and publish a “Citizen’s Response” in advance of public input sessions.That led to the creation of a 10-member NewComprehensive Plan Review Committee—aSWAT team with expertise ranging from urban planning, finance, land use and appraisals, human resources, environmental studies and management consulting. When the plan was adopted in June, county supervisors acknowledged the information and assistance provided by the Coalition and encouraged the team’s continued participation during the planned Zoning Ordinance overhaul next year. Al Van Huyck, who initially proposed the creation of the SWAT team, accepted the Friend of the Mountain Award on behalf of the group.

Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains wascreated in 2007 to address threats from development and environmental deterioration. Learn more


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