School Board Plans Jan. 6 Swearing-In Ceremony

The members of Loudoun County’s next School Board will be sworn in at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 6 at the Schools Administrative Offices in Broadlands. Following the ceremony, to be led by Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens, the board will hold its organizational meeting and elect officers.

It is Loudoun’s’s seventh elected School Board; prior to 1995, members were appointed by county supervisors. The board will serve until Dec. 31, 2023.

The board has only two returning members, Jeff Morse (Dulles), who has served as board chairman for the past two years, and Brenda Sheridan (Sterling), who served as vice chairwoman. The seven newcomers are Denise Corbo (At-Large), Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian), Harris Mahedavi (Ashburn), Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge), Leslee King (Broad Run), John Beatty (Catoctin), and Beth Barts (Leesburg).

Members will be put to work quickly. On Thursday, Jan. 9, Superintendent Eric Williams will present his Fiscal Year 2021 budget proposal.

2 thoughts on “School Board Plans Jan. 6 Swearing-In Ceremony

  • 2020-01-02 at 8:14 am

    Don’t like the term “newcomer” as it implies the community should view board actions on some sort of learning curve basis. I’ve met all the new board members and am quite convinced ALL are very experienced professionals with extensive prior community involvement. So let’s focus on the job of managing LCPS via the Superintendent in line with state statutes authorizing your authority. Here are just a few topics I hope to see actively pursued by the board.
    1 . Parental input to yearly teacher reviews
    2. Monthly report of all formal bullying and assault complaints with written action plans on a school by school basis.
    3. Balance teacher experience levels system wide so mentoring is actually happening
    4. Insist the Superintendent demonstrate in his January 9th budget submission “utmost efficiency” in the management of LCPS as required by state law.
    5. Change the Superintendent contract term from 4 years to 2 so your board will have at least one . time to modify his contract during your elected term of office.
    6. Ask (as a board) state elected officials who represent Loudoun to insist the state modify the composite index so Loudoun gets more of its fair share of sales tax collected to support schools.
    7. Demand ALL new school plans include a review of potential expansions of current schools to meet some of the catchment demands of the new school area.
    8. Stop “talking” about diversity and fairness to economically and language challenged families until the outbound busing of the Plaza Street area students is stopped so they can attend the closest school to their homes like most of Loudoun is allowed to do!
    9. Stop bragging about how good the centralized Academy programs are until you understand them enough to realize that MOST of these courses can be taught at all LCPS high schools instead of blocking qualified students from getting this type of education.
    10. Keep in mind that LCPS is officially open less than 1/2 of the calendar year and most taxpayers who support the schools work all year so please differentiate what employees earn per contact hour versus yearly income meaning a $107k plus considerable subsidized benefits teacher who can retire would earn more by retiring and teaching part time than staying as a full time employee with the state picking up the tab instead of the Loudoun taxpayer. Everybody who should win does when this happens.

    Good luck doing the job you have been elected to do and not sit there pontificating about social or political themes as if reading a script supplied to you by the LEA, Superintendent or the political party who endorsed you. 🙂

  • 2020-01-02 at 4:07 pm

    Pretty good advice but I doubt any of them will follow it. All seem more interested in the adults in the system than the students. We all know familiarity bias. SB members interact with 10x as many adults in the system (admins, teachers, social workers) than actual students. They tend to empathize with those adults over the students. Thus our system is run for the adults rather than its customers – the students.

    They should also end the fear of objective measurements. Reinstall the PISA testing so we can compare ourselves on an apples to apples basis. Report on growth data by school. Remove ineffective teachers based on growth data. If you cannot do that, then at least put your own kids (SB members) in those ineffective teachers classrooms rather than disadvantaged kids. That would be the moral and ethical thing to do.

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