2019 In Review: Teachers Go From Classrooms to Courts

Whether the result of increased transparency or a spike in bad behavior, a number of Loudoun educators made headlines in 2019 for allegations of criminal acts.

May was a particularly bad month for administrators. Two elementary school teachers were charged with being intoxicated on campus. Also, a high school marketing teacher pleaded guilty to sexting—sending racy photos of herself and solicitations for sex to students. Then, an elementary school teacher was charged with a misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly kissing a student on the month and cheek. 

Administrators also came under fire in a federal lawsuit filed May 24 that claims there was a conspiracy to coverup an alleged sexual relationship a middle school teacher had with a 13-year-old student. In the case, school administrators, Sheriff’s Office investigators and Child Protective Services officers concluded that allegations the teacher had groomed the student for a sexual relationship that included a forceable rape inside a locked classroom were unfounded. The child’s mother filed a lawsuit seeking more than $14 million in damages.

In July, a former Loudoun County Public Schools teaching coach was sentenced to spend two years in state prison after being convicted of unlawful filming of female students at three Loudoun high schools. He was caught on surveillance video closely following behind the students, activating his camera, and positioning his camera under their skirts in an attempt to film their undergarments.

Also in July, a longtime Loudoun high school English teacher was placed on leave after an investigation at a private school in Washington, DC found credible assertions of sexual misconduct with students there in the 1970s and 1980s. He was one of four teachers identified in a report contracted by the Maret School to investigate claims made by former students there.

Eugene Legg is a popular teacher at Rock Ridge. He was nominated for the Loudoun County Outstanding Teacher Award three years ago and selected to deliver the keynote address during the school’s graduation ceremony a month earlier.

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