Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

Editor: President Trump’s best accomplishment so far has been to enhance the public’s awareness of Fake News.

Oh sure, I know Mr. Trump has had other great accomplishments like the terrific economy, great trade deals, record high employment, lowest African-American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history, etc. But undoubtedly, his best accomplishment has been to enhance awareness of Fake News, i.e., the Left-wing propaganda and claptrap that is spouted by Democrat politicians and their cheerleading journalists.

Some evidence of Mr. Trump’s success in enhancing awareness of Fake News can be found right here in Loudoun County in the online comments sections of local news outlets such as Loudoun Now and The Loudoun Times Mirror.

In replying to a recent Loudoun Now story titled “Beyond Impeachment: Wexton’s Term in Washington Reaches Midpoint,” an astute commenter user-named “Loudooun Independent” outed the story as a puff piece for Democrat Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton. Loudooun Independent wrote, “How come the reporter picked a day when she (Wexton) was not meeting with the full Dem caucus and discussing impeachment? Where was her white dress from the state of the union address. Any Rep can spin a day with a reporter to say ‘look at me and what I am doing for my people.’ At the end of the day Wexton has become a disappointment and has shown that she is not an independent thinker. She is a follower and not doing VA-10 any favors.”

In replying to a recent Loudoun Times Mirror story titled “Northam, Wexton seek bill replacing (Robert E.) Lee statue in U.S. Capitol,” three perspicacious commenters user-named “Pre-yuppie Loudoner,” “bboop,” and “John M” chided Governor Ralph Northam and Congresswoman Wexton for their nonsensical Leftist attempt to erase history. Pre-yuppieLoudoner wrote, “Erasing history reminds me of the political party my dad fought in Europe during WW2. What a hypocrite. Northam is backpedaling furiously to cover his clownish racist behavior.” Bboop wrote, “This is a terrible mistake for Wexton to follow Northam into his destruction of Virginia & its history. She will follow him out the door. Virginians have a right to their history.” John M wrote, “Maybe they could replace the old statue (of Lee) with one of Northam in blackface.”

All truth-seeking and fair-minded citizens should be grateful to President Trump for enhancing the public’s awareness of Fake News and thankful to these alert commenters for exposing some of the actual Left-wing propaganda and claptrap in our midst.

Mike Panchura, Sterling

One thought on “Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

  • 2020-01-06 at 8:47 am

    The death of honest journalism will have a negative effect on society but so does apathetic voters, non-voters, mindless entertainment and unchecked government. Calling what is provided by the organizations formerly revered as news broadcasters who moment by moment label “breaking news” as a cover for mere political pablum is only accepted because society isn’t fed up yet with such agendized distractions. China has a rover on the moon and a virus lockdown outbreak near Shanghai that has no cure, ebola is again breaking out in Central Africa but all we get is pro and anti-trump BS. Our infrastructure is rotting, forests burning, rivers flooding, food resources poisoned with glyphosate and ocean choking with pollution while Congress can’t even balance its budget yet journalists seem to have “caught the last train to the coasts”. Perhaps we really need a convention of the states as allowed under the Constitution to set things straight but which self serving politicians will honestly portray its value which could threaten their time at the feeding trough? 🙂

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