It’s a Snow Day: Classes Canceled Tuesday

With weather forecasters expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow from a fast-moving storm this afternoon, Loudoun County Public Schools administrators have decided to cancel classes for the day.

The first winter storm of 2020 brings the season’s third weather-related school closure.

Snow is expected to begin in late morning and to move out of the area by 6 p.m. While temperatures are expected to remain above freezing, the heaviest portion of the storm could arrived in the afternoon when buses would typically be on the roads taking students home.

Roads may be slushy today, but are likely to freeze overnight and impact the morning commute on Wednesday.

One thought on “It’s a Snow Day: Classes Canceled Tuesday

  • 2020-01-07 at 9:06 am

    Every profession other than teachers is working today.

    All LCPS admins went to work today.

    Even if one thinks LCPS should give students a holiday (questionable at best), why are teachers off? Why not have prof dev or use the planning day scheduled for later this month so students don’t lose an instructional day? Can anyone at LCPS ever explain without basing the decision on giving teachers a free day off?

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