General Assembly Leadership Shift Lands Loudoun Delegation New Committee Seats

With the committee assignments handed out by the new Democratic leadership of the 2020 General Assembly session, members of Loudoun’s Senate delegation will have front row seats on deliberations over procedures to govern the next redistricting effort and members of the county’s House delegation have picked up seats on committees important to local governments.

On the Senate side, all three of Loudoun’s representatives—John J. Bell (D-13), Jennifer B. Boysko (D-33), and Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-27)—were named to the Privileges and Elections Committee. This year, the panel will be review a number of bills related to redistricting following the 2020 federal census, provisions to permit early voting, and the proposed ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Vogel previously chaired the Privileges and Elections Committee, which is now led by R. Greigh Deeds (D-25). In addition to losing that chairmanship in the Democratic shift, she lost her seat on the Senate Finance Committee. She continues to serve on the Rules and General Laws and Technology committees.

Boysko also picked up an appointment to the Judiciary Committee, in addition to her seats on the Transportation, General Laws and Technology, and Rehabilitation and Social Services committees. The additional appointments make her one of a few House members serving on five committees.

In his move from the House of Delegates, Bell landed four committee seats. In addition to Privileges and Elections, he serves on the Commerce and Labor, General Laws and Technology, and Local Government committees.

On the House side, where Loudoun is represented by five Democrats and one Republican, the power shift resulted in some significant changes.

Four members will serve on the Committee on County, Cities and Towns, which largely deals with the powers delegated to localities. Those delegates are Wendy W. Gooditis (D-10), Dave A. LaRock (R-33), Ibraheem S. Samirah (D-87) and Kathleen Murphy (D-34).

Del. David A. Reid gave up his seat on that panel but landed an important spot on the House Committee on Appropriations. Murphypicked up a seat on another influential panel, the Finance Committee, giving Loudoun a voice at that table for the first time in several years.

Del. Karrie K. Delaney (D-67) will continue to serve on the Transportation Committees—taking over as vice chairwoman—and on the Health, Welfare and Institutions committee. She also was appointed to the Courts of Justice Committee.

Three other members of Loudoun’s delegation will serve on the Committee on Transportation: Reid, LaRock and Murphy, who is vice chair.

Gooditis will continue to serve on the Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee, but comes off the Science and Technology Committee to serve on Labor and Commerce in addition to the County, Cities and Towns panel.

In addition to Counties, Cities and Towns, Samirahwas appointed to the Communications, Technology and Innovation and Health, Welfare and Institutions committees.

In addition to Counties, Cities and Towns, Finance, Transportation, Murphy will continue to serve on the General Laws Committee.

LaRock, the lone Republican in Loudoun’s House delegation, came off the Education Committee, but keeps his seat on the Transportation Committee. In addition to the Counties, Cities and Towns seat, he also was appointed to the Communications, Technology and Innovation Committee.

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