Leesburg Trash Hauler Bans Plastic Bags from Recycling

Patriot Disposal Services has announced it will no longer collect plastic bags in recycling collection, effective Jan. 27. The change pertains to both plastic bags and recyclables placed inside plastic bags. 

According to Manager Gregg Walbridge, the change is being made because plastic bags frequently get wrapped around the sorting equipment.

“It has to be removed manually, which causes downtime in the facility,” Walbridge said. “Not only can this cause damage but it also slows things down.”

Residents are being asked to dump all recycling loosely inside their curbside bins. If the recycling will not fit into the container, residents may use an extra container with a lid. Additional 96-gallon recycling bins can be requested from Patriot.

Under the new policy, any recycling that has been placed in bags, or is mixed with non-recyclable material, will not be collected. A yellow sticker will be placed on the bin to alert the resident of the situation. All items will be collected on their next regularly scheduled collection day.

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