Purcellville PD Awarded $24K for Computers, eCitation System

The Purcellville Police Department recently was awarded a $23,801 U.S. Department of Justice Byrne Justice Assistance Grant to purchase four mobile data terminals and an eCitation system.

According to a town statement, the department will use the grant to buy the hardware and software required to install the eCitation program. Benefits of implementing the system include increased efficiency and productivity and improved officer safety and summons accuracy. It will take officers less time to write tickets and will reduce costs associated with officers and the court processing hand-written tickets. According to the town staff, about 60 percent of law enforcement agencies have adopted some form of eCitation system.

“The less time our officers spend on writing reports and summonses, the more time they have to actively patrol and interact with our community members, which is what both the public and our officers prefer,” stated Chief Cynthia McAlister.

The remaining grant funds will be used to purchase four new mobile data terminals—the notebook computers used in officer patrol vehicles. Once installed, all Purcellville Police Department officers will have an assigned mobile data terminal.

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