Burglars Steal Safe at Dog Money Restaurant

Burglars smashed through a glass door into Dog Money Restaurant late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, making off with a heavy safe and likely not much else.

The burglars appeared to head straight for an office in the back of the building, leaving most of the restaurant undisturbed. There, they hauled away a safe with, according to co-owners Dean Lake and Tim Regan, very little money inside.

Restaurants, they said, do very little cash business now—and little cash is kept in the there overnight. The safe also contained some business papers. And, Lake said, from a thief’s point of view, there “probably couldn’t be a worse night than Monday night to do it.”

“This will have no lasting impact,” Lake said. “For me, the saddest thing about this is having to turn away some of our regular customers for lunch today. Sorry that they couldn’t come in and have lunch and we weren’t able to open until 1:30 p.m., but even that, on the scale of things—it’s two and a half hours of lost opening time on a Tuesday.”

Regan said the burglary bothered him more because it felt like a “violation.”

“There’s a lot of sort of personal stuff,” Regan said. “I end up spending a lot of time here at work—that’s the nature of the business—which means my kids end up here with me.”

The door to the office is hung with doodles from his children.

“I have eight-year-old twins, and so they do little drawings and stuff for me at school and stuff, and they hang them up,” Regan said. “It’s kind of a violation. It’s a little more personal to me, I think.”

And, Regan said, he had tried to move the safe before to clean out behind it—”it’s impossible. I thought it was anchored to the floor, but I guess it’s not. I’ve tried with all my might, tried to pull it, and I couldn’t move it.”

“I’m curious what it would cost to have somebody move a safe for you, and I think it might be as much or more than was in the safe,” Lake said.

Leesburg Police Department Public Information Officer Michael Drogin confirmed the burglary happened between 10 p.m. Monday night and 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, and that an undisclosed amount of cash, business documents, and a large safe were taken. Detectives were on the scene Tuesday morning investigating.

Lake complimented Leesburg police on their quick and thorough response.

“I’m very grateful that no one was hurt, the loss is relatively minor,” Lake said. “It’s just, these days, it’s an unusual crime.”

Burglars broke through a glass door at Dog Money Restaurant in Leesburg sometime late Monday or early Tuesday, making off with a safe. [Renss Greene/Loudoun Now]

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