Hill Tom Robber Pleads Guilty to 3 Felony Charges; to be Sentenced in April

Five years ago, Dale Mainhart robbed Hillsboro’s Hill Tom Market at gunpoint. This week, he pleaded guilty to three felony charges—robbery, wearing a mask in public and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Mainhart, 38, robbed about $350 from the Rt. 9 convenience store at gunpoint in January 2015. Although his two-day trial was scheduled for Jan. 29-30, Mainhart pleaded guilty to all three charges and will be sentenced April 24.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Shamis said that under Mainhart’s plea deal, the maximum amount of time he’ll spend behind bars will be capped at the high end of the sentencing guidelines—a calculation that incorporates the charges Mainhart is found guilty of along with his prior criminal history. Shamis said he expects the high end of those guidelines to be 20 years and 6 months.

During a preliminary hearing in April 2019, a video recording from a nearby resident’s home was played that showed Mainhart’s getaway car accelerating westward along Rt. 9 away from the market.

A former Sheriff’s Office detective also testified that, 19 days after the robbery, she photographed a camo ski mask and the pack of cigarettes at Mainhart’s West Virginia residence. The suspect had purchased cigarettes before the robbery and worn a ski mask during.

The detective also photographed the alleged getaway car at Two Twisted Posts Winery.

At the hearing, the cashier said she was certain Mainhart was the one who robbed her, even though his face was hidden by the ski mask.

This isn’t the first time Mainhart has been involved in a robbery case.

According to West Virginia media reports, he was arrested 16 days after the Hill Tom robbery for robbing an EZ Mart in Hallstown, WV.

In April 2011, Mainhart drove an accomplice to the Tri-State Exxon on Jefferson Pike near the West Virginia border, where his passenger stole a woman’s purse from her hands, which pulled the woman to the ground and knocked her unconscious. Mainhart was convicted in May 2012 for thatrobbery and spent a year-and-a-halfbehind bars.


Hillsboro’s Hill Tom Market. [Patrick Szabo/Loudoun Now]

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