Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Awards Staff for Service, Celebrates Promotions

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office held its 2019 Awards and Recognition Ceremony on Friday night. The event is designed to recognize the day-to-day efforts of members of the agency for their service and dedication to the community.

The program allows members of the agency to nominate co-workers, partners in law enforcement, and residents for efforts that often go unrecognized.

Meritorious Service Award:Recognizes performance by a member within the scope of normal responsibilities, but performed in such a manner as to deserve special recognition.

Recipients:Master Deputy Francis Trinh, Sgt. Matt Bressler, Sgt. Scott Mastandrea, and Senior Deputy Diron Adams.

Meritorious Action Award:Recognizes an individual, or team of individuals, who have demonstrated exemplary action in response to a specific situation of an emergency nature, or as part of a routine event, where the member’s exceptional performance merits special recognition.

Recipients:Deputy First Class Devin Mickens, Deputy First Class Placido Sanchez, Deputy Derek Freeman, Sgt. Franz Flores, Deputy First Class Joe Rosado, Deputy First Class Eric Proskey, Deputy Marcus Whitfield, Lt. Colette Cunningham, Master Deputy Tom Alpy, Deputy First Class Eric Venne, Deputy First Class Joe Gass, Deputy First Class Erik Dimas, Deputy First Class Brandon Noland (two awards), Deputy First Class James Lim, Deputy First Class Jillian Brock, Deputy First Class Ken Foster, Deputy First Class Jim Gutshall, Deputy First Class John Giangola, Sgt. Rajesh Kumar, Deputy First Class Adam MacDonald, Deputy First Class Dustin Woomer, Deputy First Class Tyler Nichols, Sgt. Nick Gordon, Sgt. Patrick Hannan, Deputy First Class Chad Neff, Deputy First Class Robert Capella, Nurse Nenita Gonzales, and Senior Deputy Lindsey Wilson.

Master Deputy Program Achievement Award:Recognizes deputies with the Master Deputy Program for superior job knowledge, devotion to duty specifically related to career path, dedication to those they serve, and loyalty to the Sheriff’s Office.

Recipients:Master Deputy Duane Rosa, Master Deputy Kristina Leigh, and Master Deputy Scott Vall.

Distinguished Training Officer Award:Recognizes Training Officers who consistently demonstrate distinguished performance in the area of training within their respective division.

Recipients:Deputy First Class Ashley Martynowicz

Commendation Award:Awarded by the sheriff to any individual or team of individuals, for an act that materially contributes to the accomplishment of Sheriff’s office goals or for an act that warrants special recognition in the public interest.

Recipients:LCSO Auxiliary Deputy Paul Tabler, Crossing Guard Supervisor Franziska Gutierrez, Lt. Milton Castelle and Sgt. Jose Giron, Detective Ryan Schmidt, members of the LCSO Tactical Enforcement Unit, Master Deputy Nick Altom, Crime Analyst Vicki Slade, Chaplain Mike Frick, Chaplain Dan Hesse, Deputy First Class Rachel Burnett, Deputy First Class Steve Epple, Deputy First Class Mike Peck, Deputy First Class Erik Dimas, Deputy Fire Marshal Leif Sundberg, CIA Police Department Lt. Dennis Oakley and Trainer Steve Blanchet.

During the program, the promotions of 33 agency members was recognized. They include command staff members Col. Mark Poland, Lt. Col. Christopher Hines, Lt. Col. Eric Prugh, and Major Chris Sawyer.

Promoted to the rank of captain were Christopher Geraghty, David Hill, and Easton McDonald.

Promoted to the rank of first lieutenant were Colette Cunningham, Joshua Heddings, Kimberly Holway, Paul Loconti, Calvin Moore and Robert Tricarico.

Promoted to the rank of second lieutenant were Robert Bennett, Julian Berger, Joshua Brumbaugh, Milton Castelle, Carl Costello, Prince Hearns and Randall Stackpole.

Promoted to sergeant were Robert Bruns, Daniel Clarke, Chad Davis, Kevin Donlan, Franz Flores, Jamie Holben, John P. Jones, Lewis McClenahan, Matthew Moats, Michael Safford, Rajinderpal Singh, Adrian Smith, and Colin Whittington.

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