Letter: Kim Schatz, Round Hill

Editor: I attended Rep. Jennifer Wexton’s Feb. 8 Town Hall to get several questions answered. Sadly, that was not to be the case. Perhaps my questions were not the ones Ms. Wexton wanted to hear. 

While she did not answer my questions regarding the House impeachment proceedings against President Trump, she did inform me that my tax dollars did not pay for the celebratory impeachment pens passed out by her caucus.I suppose with Ms. Wexton as my representative, I should take any wins I can get.

I was cut off prematurely as her staffer whisked me off the stage.Other inquirers received much more time than me, as much as triple the time I was given.Not to be deterred, I talked to her after the town hall and received more unsatisfactory answers regarding both her wasteful expenditures of my tax dollars (after her claims at the beginning of the town hall that she had saved us a large amount of tax dollars) and her lack of knowledge of the current House bill, The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.(Please tell Ms. Wexton that that bill, H.R. 962, has several Democratic co-sponsors and is an important piece of legislation for many of her constituents.)Amazingly, she told a constituent during the town hall that she was unfamiliar with the New Way Forward Act which was introduced by her caucus in December 2019 and featured on all major news networks the very day before her town hall.

Perhaps the questions I should’ve asked Ms. Wexton were:“Why does my congressional representative have no answers about current actions of her caucus?” and, more troubling, “Why does my representative have absolutely no idea about two important pieces of current pending legislation?”

VA-10, we can do better.

Kim Schatz, Round Hill

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