Letter: Akanksha Matta, Ashburn

Editor: I am writing in response to the article titled “County Leaders Launch Coronavirus Outreach; Urge Caution, Not Panic.”

I wanted to start by saying how I appreciate the straightforwardness and honesty of the article. It is reassuring to know that Loudoun has resources and a plan set to handle the cases of Coronavirus that continue to spread throughout the nation. Keeping everyone calm and aware in these dire times is an effective way to manage or limit any unnecessary actions or panic associated with the virus. 

One thing I suggest might be helpful is linking to scientific evidence being found to heighten the validity of the information being presented. It may be difficult because research is still being conducted, but for the claims that have been made regarding keeping citizens safe, there should be reasoning to why such precautions should be taken so more people can be informed about the actual science behind the spreading of virus. 

I’ve noticed especially on social media that some people have misconceptions and do not fully trust the plausibility of safety measures regarding coronavirus. Instead of simply claiming to do something, providing reasoning as to why those actions should be taken or why certain methods will work (along with backing them up with scientific reasoning) would be a great way to maximize the impact of the words. The reoccurring alerts of coronavirus is stressful for many families, and the effect on everyone’s lifestyle is starting to become quite massive. I believe that in order to enlighten everyone of its origins, a scientific background—even if not in complete detail—can make a significant difference. 

Using the resources Loudoun has, assisting other counties, if possible, would be useful to further prevent the spreading of virus and increase awareness beyond Loudoun. Our county is fortunate, as mentioned in the article, to have preparations for high risks and to be given a great opportunity to fight against those risks. Others may not be so lucky, so lending a hand to those in need will be a efficient way to unite everyone on a similar front in facing a common enemy. 

Other than that, Loudoun is doing well to fight against this outbreak. It is reassuring to know that the airports are being monitored and the hospitals are well-equipped and ready for any abnormal occurrences. With all of these resources and preparations being set forth, our county seems sufficiently prepared against coronavirus. 

Akanksha Matta, Ashburn

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