Randall, Board, Region Ask for Priority Testing

County Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall (D-At Large), on behalf of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, joined the rest of the region and Gov. Ralph Northam today in writing letters to President Donald J. Trump to be added to the priority locations for federally supported COVID-19 testing sites.

Currently, Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Santa Clara and Seattle are among those sites. But the DC region, which includes Dulles Airport and the federal workforce, is not.

“The National Capital Region, of which Loudoun County is a member, is home to over six million residents and the seat of the Federal Government, with hundreds of thousands of employees and contractors serving the country,” Randall wrote. “The health of the National Capital Region is a top priority for the continuity of our democratic government and critical to continuing Federal Government functions.”

That letter follows—and that passage echoes—a letter sent jointly on Wednesday from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and Northam.

“I keep getting questions about why Loudoun cannot stand up a drive-through testing location,” Randall said. “It’s because we don’t have any tests.” In fact, she said, Loudoun has identified locations and is ready to begin drive-through mass testing of citizens for COVID-19—as soon as the tests are available.

Randall’s letter, which she said already has informal support from other supervisors and will be formally approved at the next meeting of the county board, goes on to point out mutual aid agreements in the capital region allowing jurisdictions to cooperate across local and state borders.

“These standing agreements and the cooperation of personnel at all levels allow ready and effective collaboration by the District of Columbia and the Maryland and Virginia local governments in the National Capital Region to assist in facilitating the establishment of COVID-19 testing sites,” Randall wrote.

She said this region is also important to test because in many parts of it, people live close together and ride Metrorail together.

“Given our extensive planning efforts as a region, we are well-positioned to make the best possible use of federal support for this vitally needed virus testing,” Randall wrote to Trump. “We stand ready to assist and coordinate this critical initiative.”


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