‘One Leesburg’ Banners Hope to Unite Community

A downtown Leesburg business owner is hoping to pull the community together in trying economic times.

Last week, as the business world began to see itself turned upside down with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Eyetopia, Inc. owner Paige Buscema worked with local graphic designer Stilson Greene to launch the LeesburgToGo website, which gives visibility to restaurants that are offering delivery, curbside and to-go dining in response to government restrictions on in-house patrons. It was then that Greene suggested the group adopt a hashtag, #OneLeesburg, to pull the group’s efforts together. 

“I started thinking about the theme of One Leesburg and what that really means,” Buscema said. “This week after a whole week of emotionally dealing with so many businesses calling and having questions, not knowing how to take their next step, counseling and helping people as much as I can, I felt like we needed something that was visual.”

And that visual will take the form of a 2-by-2-foot vinyl banner, blue with white letters and dark blue stars that displays the simple message of “One World, One Nation, One Leesburg.”

“Our Pledge of Allegiance says we are one nation, but we don’t think about what that means. We take it for granted. This is a real time of distress when we have to come together, find our new normal, and start moving forward,” Buscema said. 

Initial response from business owners to the banners has been big, and those banners are printing this week. Buscema said she plans to open up banner purchases to residents next week.

Each banner costs $20, with approximately $5 of each banner sale going to local nonprofits that are supporting the community. The banners are being sold at cost, and not for profit. 

Buscema has high hopes for the project.

“People are so stressed, they want something beautiful to do, something that is a positive message in their life. I think this will be a big community project as we go forward, and we’ll see how it grows from there,” she said.

Anyone interested in purchasing a banner can email beseen@eyetopiainc.com with “One Leesburg” in the subject line.


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