Falcons Landing Announces 2 COVID-19 Cases, 1 Fatal

Two residents of Johnson Center Assisted Living at the Falcons Landing Life Plan Community in Cascades have tested positive for COVID-19. One has died.

Falcons Landing President and CEO Barbara Brannon announced the cases on Sunday. 

As of Sunday, there were 61 known COVID-19 patients in Loudoun County, with one previously announced death.

Both Falcons Landing patients were tested at a hospital after being admitted with respiratory symptoms.

Falcons Landing is working with the Virginia Department of Health to identify individuals who may have had contact with the patients, and is following VDH direction on home self-quarantine for staff members who may have been exposed and on the use of protective clothing and equipment for all staff in Falcons Landing healthcare units.

Falcons Landing is following CDC and VDH guidelines to decrease risk of exposure to COVID-19 for residents and staff. Since March 6, all visitors are screened for COVID-19 symptoms and risks at the main entrance gate. Since March 12, all employees have also been screened at the employee gate. Visitors to the campus have been prohibited since March 16.

Residents of Falcons Landing independent living units are remaining in their homes with all services and meals being delivered to their doors. 

“The restrictions we imposed on our residents and on staff have been difficult, yet despite all our precautions, we find ourselves in the situation we had hoped to avoid,” Brannon stated. “It has been devastating to lose a member of our Falcons Landing family despite our efforts. It is also a grim reminder that everyone is at risk for COVID-19. We will persevere in taking all known measures to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19. I urge all who read this to do the same.” 

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