Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor: During the government mandated shutdown, Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors is moving quickly to pass a tax hike on Loudoun home and business owners. Being “tone deaf” or “out of touch” fails to rise to the level of their fantastical act. This is the board’s Marie Antoinette moment.

Even with optimism, the economic impact of the stay at home order has been devastating to Loudoun residents and business owners. Most of us have experienced a personal hit, knows someone who already lost their job, or had wages reduced.

This became crystal clear this week when I arranged grocery home delivery for the first time. Down my driveway came an exquisite imported SUV. The driver was a well-dressed, well-spoken gentleman. As he was leaving, I had to ask. “I lost my job the other day,” he said with grace.

This man looked like he should be my boss, not dropping off my groceries.

For every individual like him, there are a hundred trying to stay afloat in Loudoun. Yet, all of this is lost on Phyllis Randall and our blind mice supervisors. When restaurants are choking and their employees out of work, Randall chooses to lecture us on the “moral” imperative of a tax hike to give county employees a pay raise. Sound impossible?It’s precisely what Randall and the board of supervisors are doing this week.

Every day the economy stays shut is another week of moving backwards economically for Loudoun families. Every week equals another month of retreat for a local business fighting to stay open. But Phyliss Randall and the board of supervisors don’t care. They’re getting paid in full. It’s the rest of us who need to pony up more tax money.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a non-issue. Under this new reality we’re living, it’s disgusting malfeasance.

The board is pick pocketing from taxpayers 50 million extra bucks to handout for raises. Just less the amount of our tax money they squandered on corporate welfare for their ‘secret soccer stadium’ scam.Far less than the blank checks we’re handing to a mass transit project, years behind schedule and with a price tag still unknown.

A tax hike now is a blow to Loudoun families and business owners struggling this spring. It tells us, we don’t matter, and the board of supervisors are partying on.

Supervisors have an opportunity to demonstrate actual concern for the people they serve. It can start by pausing its customary largess, and stand in unity with small business and homeowners during the economic shut down.

Call your supervisor and ask them – Given that we have no idea where Loudoun will be in a month, shouldn’t shaking down the people be moved back, and the needs of all of Loudoun be more important?

If they give you the song and dance and vote for a tax hike, then you’ll know who’s more important in their eyes; and the majority of us are just second-class citizens.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg

2 thoughts on “Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

  • 2020-04-06 at 4:16 pm

    Let’s hope the BOS wakes up to reality by Tuesday’s vote. They should put an end to all discressionary spending for this year and not raise taxes at all.

  • 2020-04-11 at 5:01 am

    he BOS opposes the Greenway raising prices, but has no problem raising everyone’s property taxes in the County this week. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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