A Letter to the Community

The following statement was issued April 7 by the Board of Supervisors and mayors of Loudoun’s seven towns:

As your elected county and town representatives, we wanted to reach out to you during these extraordinary times to reflect on how all of our lives have changed these past few weeks, provide a perspective on where we are now and offer some thoughts about the road ahead. 

For all of us in Loudoun County, and indeed throughout the nation, we continue to cope with this unprecedented situation. In so many ways, our worlds have been turned upside down. Every person, every family, every community has been faced with new challenges; when our ordinary activities have become a rarity; when so many stores, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, arenas, churches and thousands of other social venues are closed; when simply leaving our homes is so…unsettling. 

While these are new challenges for us all, there is also a different perspective we cannot forget; not on where we were, but on just how far we—all of us—have come. 

One simple fact has emerged from this predicament, that Loudoun truly is a resilient, thriving, caring community that has come together as one, determined to conquer this crisis and emerge stronger and better on the other side. In just a few short weeks, we have overcome innumerable challenges, and tapped an inner strength. Every day we see the countless, selfless actions of our citizens and our community, reaching out to help others in need, even if to just offer a word of comfort to those in despair. 

We see our medical professionals on continuous shifts placing themselves repeatedly in harm’s way as they battle on the front lines to stem this tide of illness. We see our first responders standing with our medical professionals, first on the scene to give urgently needed care and solace to our communities. We see clergy tending to those in spiritual need in innovative and moving ways. We see teachers working long into the night to find effective ways to teach their children—and that’s how they think of them; their children—to ensure their path to learning remains clear. We see our local community charities and our business owners providing for the needs of others with free meals, farm grown food donations, delivering to those unable to get out, donations of personal protective equipment and even our wine, beer, and spirits industry retooling to produce hand sanitizer. 

We embrace our workers, our neighbors who have been laid off and who fear for their family’s future while simultaneously embracing the local business owners who are working and reinventing themselves to survive as well. We see maintenance and custodial industry professionals continuously cleaning and sanitizing our essential workplaces despite the obvious risks. We see families walking outside together on afternoon weekdays as never before, and we see grocery store and service industry workers staffing our essential businesses to ensure our families have what they need to carry on. Now is not the time to fall into the trap of negativity or despair or gossip or rancor. Instead, let us use these examples of courage and sacrifice to inspire us all. Let us instead see the strength, the love, the compassion, the caring being exhibited every day. In the end, what we are seeing is what makes Loudoun the special place we all call home – our true sense of community. 

Winston Churchill, in the dark early days of World War II, said “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Fellow Loudoun County citizens, you are not alone. We have the courage to move forward, every step one step closer to the end of this challenging journey. And we have each other. 

Now is the time to challenge ourselves every day to do something good for someone else. Donate, volunteer, make someone laugh, provide encouragement. As you have so far, keep finding that special way you can make a difference. 

As your elected representatives, our duty is to serve you every moment of every day. Your Loudoun elected representatives will answer your questions honestly based on the best medical and scientific advice we have available. We pledge to do everything in our power to help us all get through this together. Thank you for all you do to make Loudoun the incredible community it is. 

Be well, be safe, be Loudoun Strong! 

2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Community

  • 2020-04-07 at 2:49 pm

    Really? Then why is the board of supervisors raising taxes on Loudoun business and home owners this evening?

    You won’t even tell us where the cases are in Loudoun, not even by zip code, and we’re supposed to take this drivel as “inspiring?”

    Businesses and citizens have been plowing ahead despite all of you. “Loudoun’s elected representatives” live in a world unto themselves. I wouldn’t have signed my name to this silliness either. That way I could deny I ever knew anything about it later.

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