Loudoun Hunger Distributes 80K Pounds of Food in Late March

Loudoun Hunger Relief, the county’s largest hunger nonprofit, reported that in the second half of March, they distributed 80,000 pounds of food.

Loudoun Hunger, like other food pantries and human services nonprofits, has seen a surge of demand as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have put people in need and shattered records for new unemployment claims.

From mid-March until the end of the month, Loudoun Hunger tallied 5,500 emergency preparedness food kits with over 55,000 pounds of food.

The food is going not only out of Loudoun Hunger’s front door, but through partner programs such as the Loudoun County Public Schools bus feeding routes.

The nonprofit also distributed another 25,000 pounds through its usual services, with about 1,500 visits to the food pantry for its new curbside pickup.

Donations to support Loudoun Hunger can be made in-person or at loudounhunger.org/donate-now.

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