2 More Coronavirus Deaths Reported; Loudoun Lags Other Jurisdictions in Testing

The Health Department reported two more COVID-19 related deaths on Tuesday, bringing the total number of fatal cases to seven in Loudoun County. Each of the victims was age 65 or older. 

Statewide, 41 additional coronavirus deaths were reported yesterday, as the number of confirmed virus cases grew to 6,500. More than 1,000 people have been hospitalized. In Loudoun County, the Health Department reports 40 hospitalized patients. 

Loudoun County is the third most populated jurisdiction in the commonwealth and is reporting the fifth most number of confirmed case, but it ranks eighth among the state’s health districts in the number of COVID-19 tests that have been processed. According to the latest figures, 1,841 tests have been processed in Loudoun, representing about 0.45 percent of the population. 

That testing rate lags behind other jurisdictions. 

Fairfax County leads with 6,827 tests, about 0.60 percent of the county’s residents. Prince William County is second with 2,815 tests, 0.61 percent of the population.

The Virginia Beach and Peninsula health districts, where the earliest coronavirus outbreaks were reported, rank third and fourth in the number of tests. Virginia Beach reports 2,760 tests, 0.61 percent of the population. The Peninsula Health District includes five jurisdictions with a total population of 374,092. There 2.107 tests have been reported, 0.56 percent of the population.

Arlington County has the fifth most tests, 1,985, equating to 0.82 percent of the population. 

The Thomas Jefferson Health District, which covers six jurisdictions including Charlottesville, reports 1,947 tests, about 0.77 percent of the district’s 254,452 residents. 

To the west of Loudoun, the Lord Fairfax Health District has processed 1,849 test, 0.78 percent of the population of the six jurisdictions covered.

Rounding out the top 10 health districts for the number of tests are Rappahannock (1,709) and Henrico (1,540), both at a test rate of 0.46 percent of their populations.

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