Purcellville Considers $60K Shopping Voucher Program for Residents

Federal stimulus checks might not be the only forms of financial relief Purcellville residents get this month—they could also receive $20 of credits to spend around town.

The Town Council on Tuesday night discussed an option to authorize the town staff to mail two $10 vouchers to all 3,000 households for residents to use at participating in-town businesses. The vouchers would expire Dec. 31. Administration Director Hooper McCann said it would cost the town a little more than $500 to mail out the vouchers, which the town staff could do by the end of the month. Town leaders hope the initiative will stimulate the town’s economy amid a coronavirus crisis that has led many businesses to reduce capacity and others to close their doors temporarily or for good.

Town Manager David Mekarski suggested the town focus solely on restaurants, since it would take much less time to contact and sort out the logistics with those establishments than it would to do so with all 330 in-town businesses. Mekarski noted that Purcellville restaurants account for less than one-third of all town businesses.

McCann said the town staff would be moving the program forward and contacting businesses by the end of this week.

“We are committed to getting this effort rolled out … in the most efficient way possible,” she said.

The Town Council is expected to take action on the initiative at a later date. It next meets April 28.

The move to distribute spending vouchers follows the Town of Middleburg, which distributed 13 $20 meal vouchers to every in-town household earlier this month. Those 5,577 vouchers expire April 30 and have cost the town close to $115,000.


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