Letter: Ron Campbell, Leesburg

Editor: It’s a fact – we are living in challenging times. 

Lives are being lost every day and while we haven’t even begun to see the true impact on our economy, the environment, or health care systems, it has revealed healthcare disparities, job insecurities, small business instability and food insecurities in our community. And despite all the known and unknown, we must still make plans to recover.

COVID-19 and the resulting dangers of this virus must be taken seriously as we seek to better understand how to resolve the many associated issues.  All recommended precautions given to support our safety and suppressing the spread of the virus in our homes and community should not be ignored.

The impact upon our communities of faith, schools, jobs, health institutions and first responders is without precedent. 

Our country, county and the Leesburg community has never been so confronted in so many areas at one time. 

I believe that we all desire and deserve a clear path forward even while it seems like that idea is being tossed around like a political football.  

We are fortunate that our health care professionals are very much focused on how we care for and treat the sick and at-risk communities and it is incumbent upon our local elected leaders to now focus on the path to recovery and advise how we re-emerge from our homes.

The devasting impact on our local economy, the loss of jobs, business and revenue to support families, and town services cannot be recovered at the pace it was lost.  Our first responders and healthcare workers need time to recover, the school system and the learning impact on our children needs priority attention and the impact upon our mental and physical health requires that we all give attention to our personal needs. Things are not the same and will probably never return to their previous condition pre-COVOD-19.

The national, state and local emergency orders in response to COVID-19 has pushed us all inside and now we must plan to carefully re-emerge.

As one of your elected leaders, I have a responsibility to provide leadership to the Town Council to start preparing for this re-emergence by considering the impact of all the actions taken to keep us safe and the steps necessary to recover what has been lost. 

With that, I will be calling for the town council to meet with a variety of stakeholders to review all the elements that need attention and provide direction to support and sustain a positive path forward.

There is no one leader—we must all lead where and when we can. There is no one voice—we must all participate and speak up to make sure that no one is left behind or treated unfairly.  There is no one path to take, except the path of inclusion that allows everyone in all our communities to move forward and receive necessary attention.

This is not the time for political posturing or photo ops, there is too much at stake.

In time, our economy will recover, jobs will recover, businesses will grow but we will never recover the lives that have been lost, the business dreams that have been shattered or the loss of trust in our ability to ensure our safety.  

I am asking us all to move forward with compassion and not anger, to pray for wisdom and the courage to agree where possible and disagree with grace.

My family and I love Leesburg and I have never lost confidence in my ability to serve you and with you.

I will continue to use my voice to lead louder and bolder than ever before. 

Ron Campbell, member Leesburg Town Council

3 thoughts on “Letter: Ron Campbell, Leesburg

  • 2020-04-21 at 3:06 pm

    What a pathetic letter. About a year ago, Mr. Campbell was exposed for a the world to see as a dishonest politician when he falsely tried to smear Mayor Burk. There is little or nothing about Mr. Campbell that demonstrates leadership of any sort. And what clearly is missing in his letter is his announcement for his run for mayor. No point keeping us in suspense, Mr. Campbell. Why continue being dishonest with us. Or, is that the only way you know how to act – dishonestly.

  • 2020-04-21 at 4:00 pm

    Dang it! Lawgh beat me to it — Somebody is running for mayor again.

  • 2020-04-21 at 8:01 pm

    Here is a simple plea to our elected officials. Please stop with the sentimental drivel. Please stop “helping” us with near dictatorial edicts. The Virginia Department of Health indicates that 8 people have died in Loudoun and 59 are currently hospitalized. There have been 324 deaths in the Commonwealth.

    The Governor, in his near-hysterical overreaction shut down the entire state when the majority of the state was never at significant risk. Go and look at the map here and see for yourself: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/

    The Governor has wrecked the livelihood of Virginians who were never at risk, based on absurd, doomsday predictions from people who are quite well paid to overestimate any risk.

    The last thing we need is another politician telling us he is going to help. If you want to show leadership, tell the Governor to end this unconstitutional lock down in the 90% of the state that was never at risk. That would be an act of leadership.

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