Letter: Mitch Turner, Hamilton

Editor: On Monday, Chairwoman Randall wrote us, “I don’t feel my opinion or even my deep desire to move to Phase I should carry the day. I have to rely on the experts.”

Please release immediately the data model that shows the human costs of the lockdown we are in.We have models for everything—including many things where we don’t have exact inputs for every scenario. The COVID models are a great example. So certainly, county supervisors must be making their decision taking into account the number of people that will die from suicide, delayed medical care, loss of access to mental health care, crime, domestic abuse, poverty, and general despair, right? After the peak unemployment of the Great Depression, over the next 3 years life expectancy in the U.S. dropped 4.5 years. What is the estimate for this economic disaster?

If supervisors don’t have this data, then how are they counting the cost of a full lockdown versus the cost of a targeted effort to protect the most vulnerable? The answer is they are going on their “opinion” or their “deep desire” that a full lockdown is the answer. Saying they are relying on data, science, or experts is a lie when they are only measuring one side of the equation. They only have the wishful thinking that the data on the lockdown impacts will be delayed and spread out so you can’t be held accountable. They don’t even have an educated estimate as to whether they are making things better or worse.

If they don’t have the data, first, stop lying about making decisions based on it. Second, stop moving the goalposts on us. The hospitals are not overwhelmed, we’ve gotten PPE and testing supply chains ramped up. 

Finally, be the leaders we elected you to be and find a balanced approach to protecting the most vulnerable and stopping the destruction of the lives of so many more with this lockdown.

Mitch Turner, Hamilton 

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  • 2020-05-12 at 4:05 pm

    Northam and Randall brought you this shutdown not the President!

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