Letter: Emerging by Jim Kelly, Sterling

See down there, it’s not very bright,

But at the end of the tunnel, there’s a glimmer of light.

And none too soon, I’ve got cabin fever,

As a Corona hermit, I’m an underachiever.

I’ve exhausted NetFlix, and all of Ted Talks,

Even Molly Goldberg with bagels and lox.

I’ve watched MED TV, I can spell streptomycin,

I’ve studied astrophysics, with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

But The Donald says we’re about to emerge,

That he’s bested that vile COVID scourge.

We can throw off the masks that prevent infestation,

(And also work well to rob a gas station.)

Social distance will shrink, a “new normal” ensue,

We may even be able, to see a menu.

But as for me, I’ll just behave,

Like I’m preparing, for that “second wave.”

I’ll wash my hands and avoid large crowds,

No viral contamination can be allowed.

With ZOOM and Skype, I will connect,

And stock up on Guinness, with my stimulus check.

Emerging byJim Kelly, Sterling

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