Letter: Ann Mulhall, Ashburn

Editor: I would like to begin this email by thanking the three members of the Board of Supervisors (Caleb Kershner (Catoctin), Tony Buffington (Blue Ridge), and Kristen Umstattd (Leesburg) who sent a letter to Gov. Northam requesting that consideration be given to permitting western Loudoun to join the other parts of the state and open Friday, May 15.  Although a resident of Ashburn, I concur with this request, albeit I do believe that the science and data demonstrate that Loudoun County should open as a whole.  

I am at a loss as to determine why Supervisor Randall chose to join with the far more densely populated counties of Fairfax, Prince William, Arlington, and Alexandria and did so with only a “straw vote.” 

Loudoun County residents followed all other Americans and willingly closed down their businesses, schools, places of worship, and “stayed at home” as requested.  Elective surgeries were cancelled, dentists were not permitted to see patients unless it was an emergency, etc. This was done, we were told, to make certain that the virus did not infect so much of the populace that our health system and hospitals would become overwhelmed and unable to function.  

To date, in our daily COVID-19 summaries from Loudoun County I have yet to see a listing of the number of hospitalizations or ICU beds filled as a direct result of infection with this virus. Since you list a decrease in the number of hospitalizations as the first criteria for reopening, where is the graph or table that shows the numbers from the inception of the shutdown to date? It is curiously absent from your daily summary as it has been from its inception. In fact, today’s data once again lists only the number of COVID-19 deaths and the number of positive COVID-19 tests to date.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Loudoun County is listed as 38 (which is 0.009% of the population of Loudoun County—413,538). While no death is acceptable, to continue to shut down the economy of an entire county of more than 400,000 residents for a 0.009% death rate is incomprehensible. The number of positive COVID-19 tests in Loudoun County is listed as 1,283 which is 0.3% of the population, or less than one percent of the population. I must say, however, that I am at a loss as to understand why a decrease in the number of positive tests has been chosen as a criteria, as it is inevitable that as you increase the number of tests administered, the number of positive tests will rise. We all are aware of this phenomenon, I would hope.

Finally, as a resident of Loudoun County, I am insulted to learn that it is the position of the Board of Supervisors that I am not intelligent enough to follow the guidelines as presented in Phase 1 of the reopening. It is well known that Loudoun County has a well-educated population and yet we are being treated as if we are uneducated children.  If you need any evidence as to the willingness of the population to adhere to the guidelines, all you need do is to see the results above. We have stayed at home, worn our masks, washed our hands, worn our gloves and taken care of ourselves so thoroughly that only a miniscule number of our population have died. Furthermore, there is nothing in the opening documents that states that residents will be forced to patronize any establishments that do open. They can choose to go or choose to stay at home.

As I wrote in an email to the board on May 11, Virginia is one of the founding states of our great country, a state where freedom was prized as a founding principle. The residents of Loudoun County should be given the freedom to choose whether they will patronize establishments that open up.  To deny the population the freedom to do so runs contrary to our founders and system of government.

 Ann Mulhall, Ashburn 

3 thoughts on “Letter: Ann Mulhall, Ashburn

  • 2020-05-15 at 3:11 pm

    While some might be mature enough to follow protocol for social distancing, what worries me is those who completely disregard it and we all know that there is a portion of the population who totally will disregard it.

    If you look at the amount of cases in each state you will see that Virginia is unfortunately one that is still rising and not yet made its peak. You say “no death is acceptable” but follow it with an exception — that if it’s less than 1% of the population it should be swallowed for the greater good of local economy. When I read these statements I see “Your grandmother’s health is not as important as my need to shop at X store,” or “Your child recovering from cancer is a sad risk but I need to get a haircut or my nails done.”

    I will agree that we need more data and thankful we are getting some information now on cases related to the zip code. The bad news is that I live in an area with high numbers but Ann you should be thankful you live in Ashburn where it’s low. Want to keep it low? Wait just a couple more weeks at home.

  • 2020-05-17 at 9:36 am

    This is nothing more than a leverage play by the leftist faction of the country and it is disturbing that any Northern Virginia representative would take part in it. “Wait just a couple more weeks at home.”, and a couple more and a couple more. Ya know, until we can get that evil Trump out of the White House.

    Sadly, for the left in the country, the rest of us are on to you. We have sat quietly while you carried out a hoax impeachment for the last three years and we are not amused with this latest stunt of foisting the “medical establishments” imagined authority to destroy our country’s economy and social fabric. You just got yourself four more years of President Trump, good work!

    What this country needs more than ever are Democrats who are Americans first and not beholden to outside influences and unpatriotic ideals. That is what America needs. Is the DNC up to it? Not until they cast off the shackles of the Clinton Foundation, The Gates Foundation, and the Soros Foundations et al, will we award our votes to the Democrats this November or any November.

  • 2020-05-28 at 6:16 pm

    Thank you, Ann, for your informed and articulate comments. Not only are we in the same generation, but we are in total agreement about the shocking denial of our civil rights. Giving these little men and little women, who have accidentally been elected, any power over our rights is a huge mistake. I support you and would love to work with you or an organization you support to stop this absurd yet dangerous infringement on the Constitution.

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