Letter: Gina Wooden, Sterling

Editor: Congressman and Co-Chair of the committee to re-elect Trump, Denver Riggleman, is the latest to be attacked by the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives.

Not long before that they went after candidate for Congress Rob Jones putting him in the same category as Jennifer Wexton, egads, because Rob refused to answer their survey. Accused him of hiding, they did!

The VCC does not care if you are a better candidate as all Republican candidates are, they just care about being relevant. Their survey is the litmus test, if you do not answer it you are not going to get that groups vote, effort or money. This in effect works against all the volunteers who spend their efforts helping elect republican candidates. Their survey is not approved by the Loudoun County Republican Committee, yet they use it as a bludgeon against endorsed candidates. You would think that would be against the by-laws and it is. These people are not members in good standing and should be booted from the ranks.

You might ask yourself; they must do something right to have any impact and they do back candidates that are sure bets in strong red enclaves, yet their results are no net gains for republicans.

A list of those the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives has attacked in the past two months: Denver Riggleman 5th District congressman, Republican; Rob Jones, candidate for the 10 District congressional seat, Republican; Mike , Lovettsville Town Council, nonpartisan; Jill Vogel, senator from the 27 District, Republican; Emmet Hanger, senator from the 24th District, Republican; Tommy Norment, senator from the 3rd District, Republican;Siobhan Dunnavant, senator from the 12th District, Republican; and Bryce Reeves, senator from the 17th District, Republican.

Take away these five senators and the democrats have a 26 Democrat, 1 Independent and 13 Republican majority. Good luck passing anything Republican leaning.

But wait, the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives are not finished creating hate and discontent among Republicans. They have also attacked Virginia House members:  Glenn Davis, House Republican, 87th District; Charrie Coyner, House Republican, 62nd District; Robert Bloxom Jr., House Republican, 100th District; Chris Runion, House Republican, 25th District; and Chris Collins, House Republican, 29th District.

If the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives get their way and defeat these five House members, we would have a 60 Democrat 40 Republican House, try getting any Republican leaning legislation accomplished.

This group attacked 13 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the past couple months. 84.6 percent of the time they attack Republicans, now I don’t know about you but those numbers stink to high heaven and so does the VCC.

Gina Wooden, Sterling

4 thoughts on “Letter: Gina Wooden, Sterling

  • 2020-05-24 at 9:12 pm

    I am not a member of the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, but I have seen a rash of verbal assaults on the VCC on these pages recently. I wonder who is complaining and why?

    Does a conservative group not have the right to ask questions of candidates? Do I not have a right to know where people stand before I cast a vote?

    The “hateful survey” is less 17 questions that should take an hour to answer. See for yourself at: https://virginiaconservatives.net/2020-federal-candidate-survey. Three of the Republican candidates in this district have answered. Only Mr. Jones has declined to state his positions.

    I know NOTHING about Rob Jones. He wants to project himself as “conservative” but he won’t provide answers that demonstrate where he stands on key issues. Is he another Comstock or is he an actual conservative. I am wholly disinclined to support him since I know nothing about him.

    I’ve met Mr. Riggleman once and I liked him. But I noticed subtle but significant shifts in positions before and after his election. That’s disappointing and when I vote for a self-professed conservative, I expect a candidate to act like a conservative.

    If you are going to run for office, be prepared to list your core convictions and defend them. If you aren’t willing to do so before an election, there is no reason to assume you will govern as a conservative. What is Mr. Jones hiding?

  • 2020-05-25 at 6:17 am

    Virginia Constitutional Conservatives-19
    A Republican Party Viral Infection!

  • 2020-05-26 at 4:07 pm

    Did someone say the survey was hateful. When did pointing out facts about a organization become a rash. My wife and I point out the fake republicans like the VCC .What is hateful is attacks against Rob Jones lumping him in with Wexton or saying he is hiding from their survey. Jones has answered other surveys if you bother to look up the VCDL survey they have him listed as “very pro gun”. Now do your homework, we did and know S Chris Anders and the VCC for the virus they are!

    • 2020-05-28 at 3:35 pm

      It’s good to know that a few terribly intolerant people, like you and the author of the letter, have decided to self-appoint as the only necessary vetting agency for conservatives.

      I saw that Jones answered the VCDL survey. But the VCDL is by definition a single-issue group. VCC asks questions about numerous core conservative principles. I’d like to know where Republican/Conservative candidates line up on those issues. And he is certainly ducking the VCC survey. I think it would take less than an hour to complete it. Candidates really do have an obligation to state and defend their core convictions. If Jones can’t, or won’t, maybe he ought not be running for public office.

      I’d like more information about the candidates rather than your assurances that Jones is not a “Wexton” or a “Comstock.” I think I have a right and a duty to vet candidates to my satisfaction, rather than yours. Candidates really do have an obligation to state and defend their core convictions. If Jones can’t, or won’t, maybe he ought not be running for public office.

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