Round Hill Mayor Eyes Virtual Town Expansion Meetings

Round Hill Mayor Scott Ramsey said last week that he might host virtual community meetings to provide out-of-town residents with more information on the town’s idea to expand.

The Town Council and staff have talked about expanding the town limits for several years. Most recently, Ramsey in the past six months met with residents living in the Fallswood and Brentwood Springs neighborhoods and those living along Mystic Lane to talk about bringing their 120 properties into the town limits as phase one of a boundary line adjustment. The goal is to increase the town population to provide more tax revenue to pay for projects and to increase candidate pools for town office.

Ramsey said he might begin re-engaging out-of-town residents on the expansion sometime after Memorial Day. He said the virtual meetings might entail a presentation from him followed by a question-and-answer period.

Town Administrator Melissa Hynes said meetings on Zoom might solicit more participants because people can tune in from their homes.

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