Letter: Tara J. Connell, Unison Preservation Society

Editor: The board of directors of the Unison Preservation Society adamantly opposes amending the zoning code at this time to allow for increased density in the TR3 and TR10 areas of the Transition Policy Area. 

Saying this is about affordable housing is just wrong. It’s the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong way to go about creating affordable housing in Loudoun right now.

This amendment breaks the promise supervisors made in May 2019 not to do these sorts of one-off, developer giveaways prior to the completion of the current rewrite of the zoning code. Randomly adding affordable housing to a development is the least effective or efficient way to accomplish the goal of housing affordability in the county. It’s the old way.

Throwing density into an area that hasn’t planned for it, isn’t ready for it and may not be the best place for it, is crazy at this stage of the zoning rewrite. Just from the Rt. 50 traffic perspective alone, what are they thinking?

Finally, the board has a blue ribbon panel studying housing affordability, which has yet to report. Supervisors should wait until they have a viable, thoughtful, acceptable plan.

Promise-breaking, developer-oriented, last-minute votes that reflect shoddy, inefficient planning are not the way this board should be operating in 2020. That’s not why they were voted in. It’s shocking, really.

Do not amend the Zoning Code to allow more density in the Transition Policy Area.

Tara J. Connell, President,

Unison Preservation Society

One thought on “Letter: Tara J. Connell, Unison Preservation Society

  • 2020-05-29 at 10:25 am

    I agree with you completely. Phyllis lied and preservation died.

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