Loudoun School Administrators Denounce, Investigate Racist Social Media Posts

The Loudoun County Public Schools this afternoon issued an alert about racist postings circulating on social media sites that are attributed to Loudoun students. Administrators are investigating the messages.

To the LCPS Middle and High School Communities:

This message is being sent to all LCPS middle and high school families. Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is aware that social media posts with racist and other inappropriate content have been appearing on various platforms over the last 24 hours, some of which name LCPS schools or are attributed to LCPS students. Many posts are attributed to a person who claims to be an LCPS student, although no one with that name attends our schools. 

Principals and other administrators have received messages from concerned students and parents alerting us to these posts and requesting we take action. LCPS takes each of these reports seriously. To the degree we can, we will investigate these issues to determine if there are remedies available under School Board policy and consistent with the LCPS Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook.

There also have been social media posts about rallies and marches using LCPS property. LCPS has not granted permission for any protest activity on its campuses.

LCPS rejects racist and other hateful behavior and language, recognizing that it encourages discrimination, hatred, oppression, and violence. Racism has no place in LCPS schools, and we remain committed to providing a safe, empathetic, respectful and supportive learning environment in order to empower every student to make meaningful contributions to the world. Resources are available on the LCPS Equity webpage to assist students and families. Please contact your school’s Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT) if you need support in how to deal with racial trauma and/or how to discuss it with your children. The school-based UMHT contact information is located on the LCPS Continuity of Education webpage under the Mental Health & Wellness Resources and Student & Family Services link.

We encourage families to discuss these issues together and take appropriate steps to prevent students’ social media accounts from being manipulated. It is important for parents and guardians to know how their children are using social media accounts, the type of information they are posting and the people they are connected to online.

LCPS will continue to monitor this situation and take action where we can to create and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment. We appreciate families’ support and engagement when matters like this emerge.

Thank you.

Office of School Administration
Loudoun County Public Schools

One thought on “Loudoun School Administrators Denounce, Investigate Racist Social Media Posts

  • 2020-06-04 at 7:13 am

    Now that you said that what about the reverse racism displayed by the school board concerning John Beatty?
    U of South Carolina compiled a number of first hand “Slave Narratives” in the 1960’s. They interviewed hundreds of former slaves. Google them. Many of these former slaves said the reconstruction period made them nostalgic for their slave years. It was a rough time, no doubt. Just throwing out some first hand information. I’m not taking a stand one way or the other.

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