Artist Completes Hamilton Town Office Mural

Local artist Penny Hauffe on Wednesday finished work on the Hamilton town office mural—a large, colorful depiction of the town’s scenic vistas.

The 14-by-8-foot mural cost $3,800, which was paid $1,000 by the town and the rest through donations, and took Hauffe 55 hours to complete over the course of three weeks. Hauffe said she used high-quality Sherwin Williams exterior latex paint, which is water based and the same type of paint someone would use to paint the exterior of their house. Hauffe said the paint has a 10- to 12-year lifespan, depending on how porous the wall on the side of the town office is.

“I believe we’re in good shape,” she said. “It was like working in my own living room, it went really well.”

Hauffe said that while she is not working on any other large projects in Loudoun right now, she’s hoping the Hamilton mural gives her some attention and more work elsewhere. Right now, she’s working on small commissions for private residents and digital backdrops for A Place to Be’s productions.

In the past, Hauffe has painted a 1,500-square-foot cloud-covered ceiling at the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico and helped to paint the dandelion mural on the back wall of Akre Capital Management in Middleburg, the town’s only mural.

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Local artist Penny Hauffe sits in front of the 14-by-8-foot mural she painted on the side of the Hamilton town office. [Phil Erickson]
Local artist Penny Hauffe on June 3 completed a 14-by-8-foot mural depicting the scenic vistas of the Town of Hamilton on the side of the town office. [Town of Hamilton]

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