School’s Out—For Real

As students celebrate their “official” last day of classes today, hundreds of high school seniors this week began their unique graduation ceremonies. Those are scheduled to continue through June 24, when the final diploma will be passed out at Potomac Falls High School.

Students haven’t been at school since March 12 when fears about the spread of COVID-19 prompted a rapid switch to distance learning at home. 

The changes were particularly challenging for the Class of 2020, with seniors missing out on many rites of passage, from proms to awards ceremonies. While many held out hope to celebrate graduation with their classmates, plans for individual ceremonies were developed in recent weeks. 

Each school is offering something different.

Starting Tuesday, 360 graduates at Broad Run High School donned their caps and gowns and followed a tour through activity stations at the school, including an opportunity to take photo with Principal David Spage and pose for family photos near the stadium.

At Loudoun Valley High School, 330 graduates lined up over three days to walk the red carpet, pick up their diplomas and listen to Principal Sue Ross read faculty reflections of their Viking journey.

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  • 2020-06-14 at 7:23 am

    So after 3 months of being closed does the school board have a detailed plan on how to re-open in the fall or are we to expect $1.4 billion to be paid out without any benefit for the children that are expected under state law to be educated? tick – tock where is the plan? 🙂

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