Bus Fare Waivers Extended to September

Supervisors have voted to extend the waiver on bus fares until September.

Supervisors first voted to waive bus fares, among other transit changes, at an emergency meeting on March 25 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their vote June 2 will allow County Administrator Tim Hemstreet to extend that waiver until Sept. 1, at his discretion.

Supervisors also agreed to let Hemstreet negotiate a change in contracts to pay employees administrative leave while they are furloughed due to cutbacks in transit routes. Commuter Service has been stopped entirely, while Metro Connection Service has been reduced and local routes adjusted. Where the daily average number of riders on local service was around 1,100 to 1,500, today there are around 550-650 a day. On Metro Connection service, ridership has been reduced from 1,650-2,000 riders a day to only 45-50.

Loudoun will also receive a $10.2 million credit toward its Metro costs from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, thanks to funding from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security or CARES Act. Loudoun’s own transit agency is not eligible for CARES Act transit funding.

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