State Rolls Out School Reopening Parameters

Gov. Ralph Northam on Tuesday announced plans to allow schools to resume in-person classes this summer and a broader return to school in the fall. 

The policies allow students with disabilities to resume in-person instruction immediately. A next step will be allowing in-person classes for preschool through third grade students and English learners while also allowing summer camps to be held in school buildings.

Individual school divisions will be required to submit detailed plans for having more students return to the classroom, either during the summer or in the fall. 

Superintendent Eric Williams, who has been helping to develop the statewide strategy, next week will present the recommendations for reopening Loudoun schools, following a weeks-long planning exercise conducted with education and community leaders. Until the pandemic allows a return to normal operations, the options range from a continuation of distance learning from home to a shift system with smaller groups of students alternating days when they report to the classroom. 

Williams’ “Return to School” presentation is scheduled for 4 p.m. June 16 and can be viewed on the School Board webcast channel.

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