Middleburg Eyes Annexation of 6 Residential Properties

The Town Council last week discussed an idea to bring six residential properties into the town limits.

Three landowners and the Hill School, which owns the other three properties, requested the town bring them into the corporate limits to “simplify relations between local government and the owners,” according to a May 9 note to the town. The Hill School has most of its buildings in the town limits, although the majority of its land outside the town limits.

Deputy Town Administrator Will Moore briefed the council last Thursday on three issues the town will need to work through while deliberating on the boundary line adjustment. One of those centers onthe zoning of the properties. If they’re brought into the corporate limits, they would automatically be zoned A-C District, which would create a number of nonconformities. To fix those issues, the Town Council would need to approve a zoning amendment.

Next, the town will need to work out how much the expansion would cost and who would pay for it. Aside from attorney’s fees, Moore said all costs would likely not exceed $15,000.

Lastly, the town staff will need to meet with the property owners to talk about whether the town can provide them with sewer service. Moore said an analysis on that would cost $4,000 to $8,000.

The last boundary line adjustment the town performed was in 2007, when it brought in 253 acres of the Salamander Resort’s property, which thereafter included the resort’s entire 342 acres in the town limits.Vice Mayor Darlene Kirk said the resort paid all costs associated with that town expansion.

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