Letter: Sam Kroiz, Lovettsville

Editor:  The comedian Dave Chappelle is a genius. He is our modern-day Mark Twain and last year he received the Mark Twain Prize for his work. I’ve been troubled by everything that’s going on in 2020 and looked forward to hearing Dave’s take on it in his newly released YouTube video, “8:46.” I was a little surprised to not find any answers or much humor in the video, but 2020 problems are tough even for geniuses. 

Part of the problem is that 2020 has so much wrong with it that it scrambles your brain trying to think about it all. I’ve been feeling like there has to be an answer, and that the answer has to be simple. I’ve been thinking and thinking about it and finally think I’ve figured out what the answer is: Love. The problem is hate, and hate can’t beat hate, only love can. 

Dave expressed the frustration and anger that so many of us feel today, and used an unexpected story to call for empathy: The tale of the cop turned cop-killer Christopher Dorner. I’d forgotten about Dorner, but Dave hadn’t because Dorner had name-dropped Dave in his manifesto. Dave used Dorner for his best joke of the video and as an example of where we are headed as a country and world and it’s not anywhere good. 

Dorner’s story is an example of what happens when you try to fight hate with hate. Dorner lost in the end, but he won for a brief time and his winning was horrific. Love isn’t guaranteed to beat hate, in fact it’s a heavy underdog. But love is the only thing that can beat hate and is the only path that we have to anywhere that I want to live. 

Love is the answer. Love and the Constitution. It’s humanity’s only hope. 

Sam Kroiz, Lovettsville

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