Letter: Jessica Reed, Broadlands

Editor: In “Hybrid School Reopening Plan Panned by Parents (06/23/2020),” you state that a “clear majority” favor pushing ahead with classes 5 days a week, as if there was no pandemic. That’s far from true.

Many parents, including myself, are concerned about how to safely open our schools this fall. A lot of us are still isolating ourselves for various reasons. While we all realize in person instruction is ideal, we also have to accept that our school district has to do what is best for the health and safety of everyone—students and staff. There are just too many risks involved with 100% in-person schooling right now. That could mean that the hybrid plan or distance learning are the best options this fall.

As a parent of one middle-schooler, with an IEP and two high-schoolers, one of which also has an IEP, I found that Distance Learning is adaptable and each of my kids (a fourth graduated this month) thrived. I urge our school administrators and elected officials to consult guidance from public health officials and to apply evidence-based strategies in making decisions about opening school this fall. My greatest hope is that the officials focus on the best process for distance learning as a second wave of this pandemic is a certainty and our children will most likely be back at home to quarantine anyway.

Jessica Reed, Broadlands

Editor’s note: The “clear majority” referenced in the article served only as a summary of the comments made by the public speakers during the June 23 School Board meeting to make comments. The opinions of a broader selection of parents and teachers who responded to a survey on the subject are expected to be presented during a special meeting June 29.]

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