Letter: Karin Whitwood, Aldie

Editor: In the recent article “Hybrid School Reopening Plan Panned by Parents you state: “The clear majority favor pushing ahead with full time, 5 days a week classes, with provisions to allow parents to have their students participate only in online learning.”   

This is misleading in the article, effectively promoting the false perception that most parents want their children back to in person schooling 5 days/week and at the same time, effectively silencing the parents who recognize that we need a science and evidenced based approach to deciding what school will look like next year. 

It’s fair to say that all parents want what’s best for their children and it’s also fair to say that what is best varies from child to child. As a parent of elementary and middle school aged children, I also would like to “return to normal” but we’re just not there yet—and won’t be until there’s a viable vaccine available. 

We need to respect that the school administrators and elected officials need to balance the wants of the vast school population with the scientific evidence to keep teachers, staff and students safe and healthy. The plans for hybrid and distance learning with a goal to eventually returning to in person 100 percent does just that.   

In future articles, please give all parties equal voice and coverage. Let’s not sway policy with articles presenting unbalanced information. 

Karin Whitwood, Aldie

[Editor’s note: The sentence cited served only as a summary of the comments made by the public speakers during the June 23 School Board meeting to make comments. The opinions of a broader selection of parents and teachers who responded to a survey on the subject are expected to be presented during a special meeting June 29.]

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