Leesburg Council to Vote on Vacancy Selection Process July 14

The Leesburg Town Council is set to formalize the process for selecting its next colleague at its July 14 meeting.

During Tuesday’s meeting, which largely revolved around a closed session discussion of town attorney applicants, council members also addressed how they will select from the 16 town residents who applied to serve in the council seat left vacant by Josh Thiel’s resignation in May.

The council could not come to agreement on the process during its last set of meetings, but voiced support for coming to a final decision at its July 14 meeting. Although the state code dictates that an appointment must be made within 45 days of the vacancy being created, the town charter puts that deadline instead at 90 days, giving the council until the end of August to come to a decision. 

The selected individual will serve until the term expires Dec. 31.

Applicants are Marantha Edwards, Tom Marshall, Zach Cummings, Kari Nacy, Sharon Babbin, Nicholas Clemente, Gladys Burke, Eric Christoph, Todd Cimino-Johnson, Andy Jabbour, David Kirsten, Dianne Kellum, Zachary Klares, Peter Lapp, Sean MacDonald, and David Miles.


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