Purcellville Council Adopts 2030 Town Plan

Following a growth spurt during the past two decades that saw the Town of Purcellville expand by hundreds of acres and more than triple its population, the town is set to resist further expansion for at least the next decade.

The Town Council voted 6-1 Tuesday night to adopt the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The plan, which the Planning Commission had worked on for five years, most notably restricts further town expansion, limits dense growth by changing the land use designations for several properties, focuses on the Main Street and Hirst Road Corridors, pushes for a regional transportation traffic plan and an updated water resource plan, and features an overall focus on form, fit, use and especially scale.

Councilman Joel Grewe voted against adopting the plan, saying he felt the action created a moral obligation to vote for subsequent increases in water, sewer and tax rates—increases he felt would inevitably come from a plan that greatly restricts future growth opportunities.

Vice Mayor Tip Stinnette, the chairman of the Planning Commission, said he was pleased with the 2030 plan.

“I believe it represents the best of us, provides a road map for a way forward that is consistent with the desires of our community and reflects the inputs of the many over the few,” he said.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser said the new plan features a vision of economic development that will ensure continued prosperity for the town.

“When private citizens, businesses and interest groups all work for the common good of Purcellville and [are] guided by this plan, the town as a whole has a greater chance to prosper,” he said.

To review the full plan, go to planpurcellville.com.


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