Loudoun Medical Reserve Corps Seeks Volunteers

The Loudoun Medical Reserve Corps has issued a call for volunteers to help protect the community’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. There is a need for both medical and nonmedical personnel.

Medical professionals of all types are needed, including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, emergency medical technicians, dentists, veterinarians and others.

Nonmedical volunteers do a number of jobs, including working as translators, logistics support, staffing the information line, performing key clinic roles and other nonmedical functions.

“Loudoun Medical Reserve Corps volunteers have been working every day, seven days a week for the last five months,” stated Loudoun County Health Director Dr. David Goodfriend. “With society reopening and many of these folks now going back to work, the more people who can volunteer, whether they’re medical or nonmedical, the better.”

Medical Reserve Corps volunteers have played an important role in the county’s response to COVID-19. They staff the Health Department’s COVID-19 information line, assist with testing events, and other initiatives such as contact tracing investigations. Officials estimate that since the pandemic began, Loudoun Medical Reserve Corps personnel have volunteered more than 7,400 hours, saving the county more than $200,000.

“In addition to dealing with the current situation, we really rely on the MRC when it comes to our influenza vaccination campaigns and we’ll be focusing on that this fall because we want to get as many folks as possible vaccinated,” Goodfriend stated. “And when the time comes, hopefully, for coronavirus vaccination campaigns, we would look to the MRC for help.”

More information about the MRC, including an online registration form, can be found at loudoun.gov/mrc.

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