Loudoun Supervisors Donate $363K to Day Support Services

County supervisors voted unanimously to donate $363,496.03 of unspent contract money to day support services in Loudoun that help people with developmental disabilities.

Nonprofits like ECHO help provide a range of services, from daily care for medically fragile people to helping find and arrange transport to and from jobs. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, they have largely had to stop seeing their clients, and because they often get are largely supported by government reimbursements for their services, that also means their normal revenues have dried up.

The county contracts with several such services in Loudoun, including ECHO; CRi, formerly Community Residences Inc.; MVLE; and St. John’s Community Services, but much of the balance of those contracts remains unpaid as the organizations slowed or stopped their operations. County staff members and supervisors on the county finance committee both recommended donating a portion of the unspent funds marked for those contracts to those services to help keep them afloat.

“These organizations that we partner with are not able to place their individuals into employment and day support, have not been able to continue normal operations, and what this is really about is making sure that they are able to be sustained through this situation so that they are there when we come out of it,” said finance committee Chairman Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles). “Because if they’re not, it really would create a difficult situation for the individuals that benefit from this and for the county, which would have to find other solutions.”

The county will donate 65 percent of the unspent balance of those contracts. That equates to $22,785.24 for CRi, $6,603.20 for MVLE, $32,579.60 for Saint John’s, and $301,527.99 for ECHO. In total those four contracts were worth $2.3 million; the county will spend a little over $2.1 million toward those contracts including reimbursements for services and the donation.

The full Board of Supervisors passed the measure on consent, unanimously and without debate.


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