Groundbreaking Ceremony Set for New Lovettsville Town Office

Lovettsville leaders will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the start of the new town office building at 3 p.m. this Friday, Aug. 7.

The new building will be next to the current town office. Fuog/InterBuild will begin prefabrication manufacturing in mid-August, and pour the foundation and install utility rough-ins throughout the month. Fuog will deliver the building and place it on the foundation in early September. Crews will then take four weeks to install the exterior, ADA-compliant ramps, front porch and multiple other interior features.

The project is costing the town a total of $498,211. Funding is coming from the town’s New Capital Reserves and from loans with annual payments that match the current annual cost to rent the single-wide trailer the town used as extra office space for 12 years. That trailer has since been removed.

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