3 Choices for Loudoun County High School Mascot

Voting is underway for the final selection of a new Loudoun County High School mascot. School leaders have narrowed the choices to three: Bears, Captains and Colts.

Those were selected from among 72 suggestions submitted by the school community Members of the Student Council Association and school staff members cut the list to10 selections on July 29. On Aug. 5, administrators and the SCA’s leadership selected the top three choices for a final vote.

The final decision will be made by the school’s students, faculty and staff, with voting continuing through Aug. 24.

Principal Michelle Luttrell announced the finalists on Monday. A Google form link was sent to the school community to collect their votes.

 Beginning Aug. 24, school administrators and Student Council Association sponsors will review the completeness of the voting process and then work to select the image of the winning mascot. The final product will be revealed the week of Aug. 31 and work will begin creating new uniforms and transitioning out the former Raider iconography. 

The School Board on June 29 voted to remove the Raider mascot because of its ties to the Confederacy. 

According to Luttrell’s message, the rationale supporting the three finalists is:

Bears: Native to Northern Virginia, bears are intelligent, gentle, tolerant, industrious, protective and family-oriented. Bears have a strong physical presence, and while they don’t back down from predators, they aren’t unnecessarily aggressive and they show gentle care and respect for their own. Bears roam confidently in their natural habitats, bravely leading their cubs through dangerous terrain. Bears are powerful animals with a natural ability to persevere in difficult conditions. Bears build the capacity of their young cubs as they teach them to survive with power, resourcefulness, skill and good sense.

Captains: A captain is the leader of a vessel, navigating their team through both peaceful and tumultuous times. A captain possesses qualities like those embodied by LCHS students: leadership, resourcefulness, pride, charisma, strong character, honor, service, dedication and thoughtfulness. A nod to the LCHS NJROTC program and maritime tradition, Captains take full responsibility for their team and their vessel and commit to being the last one off their ship in dangerous or even fatal circumstances. Captains earn respect by making difficult decisions with the best interest of all in mind.

Colts: Long known as “Horse Country,” Loudoun County has a rich tradition of breeding and raising colts into rugged, successful and mighty horses. Colts are strong in mind, body and will. They are fierce competitors, quick learners and powerful performers. When racing, colts are high-spirited, persistent and disciplined. They will push past exhaustion with grit and grace. Colloquial terms like horsepower and workhorse indicate the contributions horses have made in the development of the United States of America. Colts are adaptable, hardworking, quick and intelligent. Despite their power and imposing size, Colts are caring, supportive, gentle and affable. Like the students at LCHS, Colts are victorious yet sportsmanlike, bright yet life-long learners and fierce yet friendly.

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